Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Girly weekend

Ive just had the best weekend ever, it was so good but extremely tiring. We had 7 girls and Sthembile (chaperone for choir 1) over for the weekend and it was just full of laughs and giggles. Friday night we collected them after school and brought them back to Malelane for hot dogs and a movie. Saturday we all went to kruger National Park on safari and saw 18 different animals including; hippos girraffes, monkeys, wildebeests, lions and zebras. On one occasion we saw a HUGE lion fast asleep with a carcass of something next to it. So of course the whole jeep broke out into a rendition of "In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight" in fact we spent most of the 10 hours in the park in song in one language or another. Ive got loads of new songs to teach for next year now! We also saw 4 lions stalking a Springbok, luckily the Springbok escaped...this time.

The whole weekend was great, it was so good seeing the kids again. Sorry they are now getting  to teenagers, Shirley turned 13 on friday and a couple more of them were already 13.

I am in the middle of a big post about the goings on here. I am finding it really hard to cope with all the poverty and I have included in the post what the reality of the situation is here, I just need to finish it. Hopefully it will be up tomorrow.

kids and Sthembile

One for you Sam ;-)

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