Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The Sky Cracks Open

Quite literally. It is 3am and there is this horrendous thunderstorm raging overhead. I actually don’t think I have heard thunder that loud or that violent before!!

Anyway, things are now moving at one heck of a pace. I now have someone who wants to rent my house but wants to move in in less than 2 weeks - I go away in 9 days. So that means I need to pack up my entire life in the next 9 days - it is traumatic to say the least. I have already moved the majority of my clothes and shoes to mums and I spent some time today packing up the study. I didn’t get it all done as I kept going on a nostalgia trip with all of my things.

One cupboard was full of photo albums and unsorted photo's going back nearly 30 years!!!! It took me a long time to pack that box, I think there is some unwritten law that prevents you from just putting photo's away - you have to look at each and every single one. So there I was, in the middle of the study floor, surrounded by chaos, getting all nostalgic over simpler times. Why is it that when you are at school you cant wait to leave and go to uni and then when you are at uni you cant wait to leave and get a job. Then when you are finally in that adult role of having a job, car, house etc you want to go back to school/uni/whatever!

I have decided that tomorrow I have to get the rest of the study and the bathroom sorted and packed. The 'boys' are coming on Saturday to put all my boxes in my newly boarded loft so it has to be done by then and there is LOTS to do!

The thunderstorm is not the thing that is keeping me awake tonight; I actually haven’t been to sleep yet. A combination of killer hayfever and a reaction to some nasty needles has left me feeling quite yucky (not YUKy unfortunately LOL). I feel like a pin cushion. Anyone who knows me knows the thing I fear the most is needles, so trust me to pick a country that has (probably) the largest amount of inccoculations. There is even one that I have to get a certificate for and I will not be allowed out of Rwanda without showing the certificate!!! Does make me wonder what I am letting myself in for. Anyway, I am feeling rather ill and running a bit of a temp, but that could also have something to do with the temp as well – wow it is HOT!!!!

I have found quite a few blogs of other volunteers in Rwanda, not necessarily WorldTeach volunteers. There are a few PeaceCorp along with quite a few other NGO's and Non-Profit's. So it seems like there is quite a healthy ex-pat community in Rwanda - I hope I get to meet some of them. I had to fill in a questionnaire for WT about where I would like to live and work and I actually put that I didn’t mind either urban or rural areas at all but that rural might be a wider experience for me. From reading blogs now I am hoping there are one or two other muzungu's (white people) around otherwise the resident muzungu becomes the village entertainment and amusement - not sure how I would like that!


I have also made a resolve to update this blog more often. The pace things are moving at I will be in Rwanda before you know it and I need to get in the habit or regularly posting before I go. So I promise to do better!

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