Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Crazy Times

These last two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity and all kinds of craziness! On Friday I am moving  to mums so I have been busy packing and sorting. However, in the middle of all of that I went up to stay with a very dear friend in Scotland to help out with the holiday club at her hubbys church. 85 kids for 5 days, it was crazy but good. Her hubby also suggested I tell the church about my Rwanda mission and show some of my jewellery that I had made, I did and I got a TON of orders. So when I wasn’t busy with holiday club stuff I was busy trying to fill all the orders. I just about managed it and when I added everything up I raised nearly £200 which is amazing.

I’d just like to shout out to Clackmannan Church a HUGE thank you for your support of my Rwanda mission and stay tuned for more updates.

I have the removals van coming tomorrow and noon, so what am I doing? Yes, procrastinating on the computer!!! So I suppose I better cut this one short and get packing again 

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