Monday, 25 June 2007


Ok so Ive just had it pointed out to me that I should probably post here and explain what it is that Im going to be doing. Well some of you may or may not know that I volunteer with the African Children's Choir, I am going out to South Africa this summer on a mission.

The African Children's Choir was set up in 1984 by Ray Barnett (Daddy Ray to the children and volunteers) in Uganda. The ACC works in 6 African countries, selecting children for its choirs, after training the children embark on an 18 month tour of the USA, Canada and the UK as well as other countries. The money that they raise from their concerts goes back directly to benefit the children in their education and their families back home. Once tour has ended the children return back to their home countries and their schooling is provided by the ACC right up through primary and secondary school and on to university or training college if they want it.
For more detailed information and to see the choir near you go to 

Anyway, I became involved with the ACC during the summer of 2004 when I went out to South Africa to do a 3 week mission in the community. After this was completed I was asked to stay on at the school to work with a new choir that had just come in for training. The nKomazi choir literally stole my heart. They went on to tour the UK performing at Live8 with Mariah Carey, BBC proms, G8 summit and for Gordon Brown. After tour they went back to South Africa and have been in their local schools whilst planning permission etc has been sought for a Music for Life Primary school. This I am pleased to say is well under way and hopes to be open next year. In the mean time there are projects going on in the choir childrens schools run by the ACC and it is one of these that I am going out for. I am going out to work with a team in delivering a music curriculum in the 10 primary schools. 

I plan to post details of what I am doing here so that you can catch up with me and know what Im doind (and also to let my mother know that I am safe and not stuck in a pot hole somewhere in the midst of nowhere!!!)

I dont really know where I am staying other than at the ACC's house, I cant tell you where it is yet apart from its in the Mpumalanga region (which is huge). I cant tell you exactly what I'm going to be doing and I cant tell you what the area is like properly. 

All this information will follow once I find it out. I will post shortly about the situation nKomazi is facing but I need sleep. Tomorrow is monday but Im off - whoooooooo.

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