Monday, 25 June 2007


So finally it looks like this summer is going to be a reality. My tickets arrived on Friday and I got so exited I was like a little kid - except I was in class and they were doing an exam so I couldnt exactly react. That was so hard, the emails kept arriving with the different portions of the tickets on them and I couldnt say or do anything 'cos of the kids doing the exam - I did get a few funny looks from a couple of them though!!

I had my fundraising African meal last night and whilst not loads of people turned up, those that were there had a good time. And no mum I did not give them all food poisoning with my cooking :-P I cooked 3 traditional South African dishes: Bobotie, Frikkadels and Turkey in Monkey Gland Sauce. Followed by 2 deserts laced with Amarula.

I cant wait, this time in 3 weeks I will be in South Africa. I leave on Saturday 14th July and arrive there on the Sunday and then leave to come back :-( on Saturday 25th August arriving back in the UK on Sunday 26th. That gives me one week to sort everything out for school. Hmmm I see that being an incredibly busy week!!!!

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