Thursday, 16 August 2007


You know there has been something puzzling me since I got here with the children and Ive not been able to put my finger on it until today. We work in primary schools, which in the UK means up to 11 yrs, here is is up to 13 though it can be up to any age depending on how old they started primary and if they pass the year. So I finally figured it out what it is - the kids are kids. In the Western culture it is expected and encouraged that children grow up quicker and quicker. Here, even if the children are running and heading their households they are still children. Unashamed to play games and just generally, well be children - it is so refreshing.
As I said in my last post this weekend is choir camp and we spent this morning packing the jeep full of games, crafts, sports and clothes for the kids. The age range now is 7-14 and I was saying you cant do that with the teenagers they wont do it (thinking of the 14 year olds I teach) and the chaperones just laughed at me saying you'll be surprised, and I hope I will. I am so excited about the camp, not only to see the kids I havent seen yet but also to spend some time with them, just...playing.

Me and Heather took the stuff to the camp this evening and it was the funniest experience ever. Its in a private game reserve and as we pull up on the veranda to the accomodation stood 3 Zebras munching away on the trees. And as we were un packing they just wandered around munching away completely oblivious, and there was a cute little ?foal? who was just shedding its baby fur - so cute.

The tar road just ending in Steenbok village

I had a really nice night this evening. Everything has just been hectic and I am so tired at the moment and with camp we are just going to get more tired. So me and Heather decided to take a couple of hours off this evening and go out for a meal. Our house backs on to the river boundary of the southern edge of the Kruger park, although some inconsiderate sod has built an 8ft high brick wall at the back so we cant actually see anything. Anyway, down the road is the fantastic restaurant called the Deck which is basically a deck hanging over the river boundary. So we went there for dinner and ate as the sun  was setting over the Kruger mountains and as the animals came out for their last drink. There was a hippo fight which was amazing to watch (and hear) the Springbok and Impala ran for it and I dont blame them. The crocs swam down stream away from it it was that fierce, and from the deck we just watched. I am so annoyed that my memory card was full on my camera it would have made fab pics.

Kruger river boundary from standing on top of the whopping great big wall at the end of the garden.
Just for you Sarah (add to that green look)

Anyway off for an early night - boy do I need it.


Ann L - Hiya *waves*
Lettuce - Hows the green tan coming on?
Erin - when are you back from tour?

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