Thursday, 23 August 2007

Not happy

I had to say good bye to the team today as I'm going home on Saturday and tomorrow we are visiting children. I'll post photos of everyone later when I have downloaded them off my camera. The last week has been hectic, we had choir camp for a weekend which was so good to see all the children together again.

Nkomazi Choirs 1+2

The children had grown so much, the Nkomazi choir that I had helped train 3 years ago were now mainly all teenagers. The camp was so much fun; lots of games and singing and dancing (the kids taught me the can dance - that was hillarious. Basically you have a pop can in ether hand and you dance with them. The pop can dance is the video at the top of this post, now imagine me doing it...yeah exactly!!!)
We also had to do school work with the children as they should have been in school on the saturday. It is a shame because the teachers went on strike for 6 weeks, now the children have had their September half term cancelled and they have to go to school on a sat. WE had to go to the circuit head to get permission and he would oly give it us if we did 3 hours of school with them, so we did.

On Tuesday me, Jamie and Sharye (two Yankee volunteers) went on an elephant ride. Not only was it a ride on them but you got to play football with them and touch their trunk, ears, skin, tail etc. Anyway there we were the three of us on the elephant wandering through the bush and every 3 or 4 steps the elephant stopped to eat the bushes/trees. It started off as small bushes and whenshe had stripped them ofleaves and bark she would hand them back to us. Then the small branches got bigger and bigger until at one pont she handed us a small tree - I kid you not. It whacked us on the head and grazed our faces. I have photos and will post them later today when I have downloaded them.

Then last night we all went on a night safari in Kruger which was so good. I just saw the same animals as last time but it was just so nice and peaceful. We went in at 5pm when it was still night and went down to the water hole and as dusk fell the park fell silent. I think animals have it right and its us humans that have gotten it so worng. All they have to worry about is getting food, mating and staying alive - just think of all the stresses we have in see my point?

Any way got a meeting will post more with photos later on.

EMMA and JODIE - what did you get? And yeah one of the zebras got that close I could stroke it, it was filthy though ;-)

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