Thursday, 23 August 2007

You Know You're In Africa When...


...You are in a taxi and the passenger in front of you is a goat.

...A traffic jam is caused by goats, cows or chickens not actual traffic.

...A Zebra strlls through your maths class.

...Your mode of transport stops every 3 paces to eat the surrounding, then rip it out of the ground and hand you the leftovers

...Random men ask if they can keep you

...A taxi meant for 15 crams in 20.

...Your t-shirt is covered in elephant snot.

...You cherish the times you drive on a tar road.

...Children chuck zebra poop at each other and dont see anything wrong with it

...You get a job offer every other day

...You are strolling back from the shops and 3 seperate random strangers stop and offer you a lift and then ask about your car. As the only possible reason for a white woman to be walking is that her car has broken down!

...Crickets not traffic keep you awake at night

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