Wednesday, 11 July 2007


Ok, so I can speak a little siSwati but I am so rusty I cannot remember anything apart from telling them how to be quite (I use that in school a little :-)) 

So I have looked up a couple of phrases to tide me over until I can get there and build a proper vocab list. See how you get on pronouncing the following.

Hlangana na - nice to meet you
Ninjani? - How are you?
Sanibona - Hello
Ngubani igama iakho? - What is your name?
Ngingakusiza ngani? - Can I help you?
Uyaphi? - Where are you going?
Ngena - Come inside

I'll post more when Im there, siSwati is such a tongue twister language with lots of clicks in it its going to be fun trying to speak it. This is from the person who got kicked out of 4th year (yr 10)French GCSE when it was compulsory and got special dispensation from the board to do another arts GCSE as I was that crap at French!!!

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