Saturday, 14 July 2007


There are 2 hours left before I have to leave and I'm a little concerned - I'm all ready. Thats not like me at all. Rushing around last min, throwing things into bags, getting in a tizz in case I'm late fore the plane - now that is me. Sitting calmly at the computer with 2 hours to spare, no way is that me. It has helped that mum has come over and done what mothers do best - clean!!!! Thats let me get on with packing and sorting so Im all ready, and my cases are under the weight limit, another first. Every year I have gone over and I have had to do the begging and pleading (and one year crying) act to get them to drop the excess baggage charge. I think it was 2 years ago that the charge came to £400 (about $800) but it helped that my kids had just performed on Live8 and the manager had seen them and let me off, and told off the evil check-in lady.

Anyway I'd better go and get finished.

BEA - have a safe trip home.
ERIN - Have a great tour
DAN - Thanks
BABS - Hope to see you in a couple of weeks whoooooooooooo

I'm off to Africa yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

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